Thursday, September 29, 2005

Where's the Christianity?

So a person from the performance industry was on the airwaves one day criticizing the Bush administration about the slow performance to aiding huricane Katrina victims. His criticism took aim at people's faith and alleged inaction. He asked the world, "Where is the Christianity?"

I'm not here to defend the president or the administration. But let me be brief and make it very clear where the Christianity was and still is.

Christianity was in the church buses that showed up before anyone else go there, including the government.

Christianity is in the pastors that open their church buildings as shelters where victims can eat, sleep and begin putting their life back together.

Christianity was in the thousands of congregations and millions of people who anonymously gave multiplied millions of dollars. Sean Penn was on location with a crew being filmed so everyone could see. Actors and singers showed up and got on TV to say they were helping. But most of the help came, and is still coming, from anonymous church volunteers.

Christianity is in my colleagues from Master's Commission ( programs all over the south and parts of the U.S. sanitizing facilities and distributing aid items.

Christianity is in the thousands of church people volunteers who take time off from work, after hours and vacation time to go and help people. No photo opp. No overtime. Just help.

So the next time someone asks "where is the Christianity" just let them know it's right where it should be, in the heart of where the hurt is.

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