Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lessons From the Grave Part II

This second part in a series, has come from the hearts of young adults who had a unique experience recently. In our series "Lessons From the Grave" where we looked at people who are dead and gone and what their lives teach us, we concluded with a trip to the cemetery where we all were faced with the reality that one day, the dead poeple talking will be us.

What will be the lessons we leave after we're dead?

So each person took some time to walk, sit, ponder and pray. Then they finished this sentence on paper, "I want to be remembered as..."

They took their papers and put them in a mock casket set up in the cemetery just for them. This is what they wrote.

I want my legacy and life lesson to be that of someone who loved the Lord God first and loved his neighbor (family, friends, and strangers) as himself, and who poured out his life serving God and serving others and breathing life wherever I went. Loving people out of places of brokenness back to life. A man whose character and integrity and compassion were never in question. If any man wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me- (Matthew 5) by being this man, He did not change the entire world, but he changed the worlds (spheres of influence) he was in. He breathed hope, courage and life into an otherwise dying world. He loved Jesus!

I want people to remember me by a person with a life that lasted a good life with God and friends and loved ones by my side always. To remember I was unique, equal, one.

I want to be known as a woman after God’s heart. (Lord help me to know you inside and out and help me to follow you whole heartedly until I see you face to face. Amen.)

1) a follower of God 2) a loving person 3) and instrument of God 4) a preacher of the gospel 5) a helper 6) a caring and understanding person 7) a fighter 8) a winner 9) a wise person 10) kind and respectful 11) someone who fears God 12) a dream maker 13) a peace maker 14) God’s chosen one 15) a leader

I want to be remembered as a wonderful and hard working mother that has always and will always do anything for the only one in my life that I would die for and that would be my daughter. Without her, I’m nothing, as well as without “God” I’m nothing. One day I hope to take care of the sick and be great at it. That is my goal for this life.

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