Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Debate Over Love Wins

I have heard much of the fuss over the book "Love Wins", most of it coming out against the content of the book. What is surprising to me is that in almost every case, the book has not been read by its detractors. That is a sad commentary in itself.

Now that the book is out, there is opportunity to actually buy it, read it, understand it and come to grips with the message that it is presenting. I plan on doing that very thing. I had the book in my hand, paroused it a bit today and placed it back on the shelf. The reason being is that I'm reading some more Bible and doing more research on some of the questions that have been raised before I ingest its contents.

I plan on reading the book and giving my own 'two cents worth' for a variety of reasons.

First of all, I believe that many, perhaps thousands of clergy members HAVE to come against the contents of the book based solely on the fact they would lose their ordinations and perhaps their jobs if they didn't.

Second, a very respected, and one of my favorite authors/bloggers failed (in my opinion) after I suggested, to deal with the topic in a manner worthy of scripturally addressing it at all. He continues to be a favorite of mine, however if there are serious questions raised, why not tackle them and deal with them?

Third, and finally, we have a responsibility to read, know and understand the Bible and its teachings, and are not free to interpret for ourselves. If "Love Wins" is a catalyst for people to open up the pages of holy writ for themselves instead of being spoon-fed a Sunday morning sermon, then I'm in! That's where I'm at.

So, I'm engaged in this. I'll get back to you on this one.


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