Thursday, November 03, 2005

Racial Purity is Our Nation's Security?

"Racial purity is our nation's security." That is what the bumper sticker on the back of a black SUV said Thursday morning, November 3, 2005 as I was taking my wife to work. In the middle of the bumper sticker was the tell-tale symbol of the Ku Klux Klan. Their motto is "God, Race and Nation. Not only could I not believe someone in central Massachusetts was blatantly racist in a growing African community, but they were flagrant about it! It abslolutely blows my mind that some of the KKK even go so far as to say and do their business all in the name of God.

I am not a black American and I found it offensive. I could just imagine how God thinks about it. The Bible teaches that God has made us 'one blood of all nations'. This points to the premise that we all share something in common. The stuff that runs through our veins is the same. No matter where you go in the world, no matter what color of someone's skin, we still all bleed red. We are one race...the HUMAN race!

So what makes a person so bent on bias against someone different? What turns a person to go so far as to blatantly display a disregard for others, especially of other ethnicities? In Worcester County where I live and work, it is one of the most racially diverse areas AND has one of the highest percentages of interacial marriage in MA. There must be something gone wrong in a person to not be OK with that. Wouldn't you think?

The teachings of Jesus call it sin. The New Testament teaches "How can we say we love God who we can't see when we hate our brother or neighbor who we can see?" When it comes to the subject of racial purity I think we need to realize that racial purity IS what will be our security. But I don't mean purity of an Arian nature. I'm referring to the purifying of the human race. What I mean is that we as the human race need to be "pure". All of us, no matter what ethnicity, need to guard ourselves against prejudice. We all need to behave right. We all need to have character. We all need to have integrity. We need to love each other as ourselves and instead of being divisive about race, we need to bridge gaps, repair breaches and seek reconciliation.

So if you know someone who wants to "keep their ethnicity pure", remind them that there are several billion people on the earth and their family tree probably looks like Sherwood Forest meets South American Rain Forest. And if they give you the God speech, remind them of the interacial marriages in the Bible. Remind them that God let Peter have it when he tried to make Gentiles follow Jewish Law when his Jewish friends were around and was all hypocritical about it.

So Mr. Ku Klux Klan Man, wherever you are out there I hope you have a change of heart. I hope that one day you'll understand that other people are just like you...people.

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