Sunday, January 22, 2006

So, Can Christians in America Make Up Their Minds?

Several years ago there was a rucus in Christian circles in America about Disney. It's a multi-billion dollar company that many Americans grew up loving. From the Mickey Mouse club to the animated classics, we all knew about the wonderful world of Disney.

Something happened years ago that made many Christians angry. Disney embraced the homosexual community, highlighted their lifestyle in their theme park, as a parent company they ovesaw the production of movies and such that were not even close to "family-friendly". The Christian community responded with vocal outcries and boycotts. It was news-worthy in many parts of the country. Church leaders decried the heinous material produced by daughter companies in Hollywood and Christian groups rallied against the entertainment giant to stop their pro-homosexual agenda.

Enter Narnia. You know, the movie based on Christian author C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia" children's book series? Maybe it's just me but the same people who were marching on Disney with picket signs, boycotting the theme parks and entertainment and railing against Michael Eisner and company, these same people have done a 180 degree turn, are publishing materials, having small groups, preaching sermons and driving forward campaigns for people to go out and see this 'wonderful movie' that is so full of Christian symbolism. Yes, it really is full of Christian symbolism. Yes, Narnia is a great movie. But come on people, make up your minds. You are either against Disney or you are for Disney. We look foolish when we can't make up our minds about what we're against. What is the world going to think of us? It is inconsistient. It is confusing. It is hypocritical.

I have an idea. How about as Christians we do what the apostle Paul said. "Whatsoever things are just, true, lovely...if there be any virue, if there be any praise, think on these things." If you find a movie, a song, a product etc. enjoyable, buy it! If it meets the criteria of the apostle Paul as stated above, just enjoy it. We don't have the time to boycott each and every company that we may disagree with because they support some cause that we're against. As a matter of fact, if we were to do some digging, we'd be surprised at how much corporations that we financially support through our purchases, support things that we'd have nothing to do with.

I beg all of the wonderful American Christians out there. Please, let's make up our minds!

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