Sunday, December 02, 2007

Two Came Out.

In the last six months, two people I've known for years, have announced to the world that they are homosexual. It may have happened before I knew about it but nevertheless, two came out. Both of these young men were raised in Christian homes. Both of these young men were brought up "in church". I happened to be the youth pastor of one of these young men for several years and had a close collaborative relationship with him.

The next statements are of vital importance for a couple of reasons. First, I believe that, according to the scriptures where I derive my world view from, homosexuality is, unnatural, not right...wrong. But it is acceptable. I will explain that later. Secondly I believe that Christians who act anything less than unloving toward these people are not right...wrong. This is unacceptable. I'll also explain that too.

Christianity in it's raw form is pure love. For God so loved the one another...the greatest of these is love etc. We know the verses. We can't really do it but try to put yourself in God's shoes and seeing nothing but failure, breaking of the rules, sin. Try to imagine seeing all of that then sacrificing everything to make it all right again. That is love. That's basically what God did with the human race. You see, when you really love a person, whether you know them personally or not, you find them acceptable. When you really don't love a person, whether you know them personally or not, you find a reason to deem them not acceptable.

I wonder what God gets more upset about, people involved in a homosexual lifestyle or Christians bent on not loving them. Two came out. Their Christian associates all know. I hope they find pure love.

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